is an idea started by enthusiasts. Enthusiasts who have owned, used, lived with, broken, fixed and loved Land Rovers. Thanks to them, adventure is there waiting to be taken. While this website is being stewarded by Tim Smith, he hopes this will be a platform to thank those enthusiasts who made this fun and showed him how. Tim’s first Land Rover was an early Series IIA that his father bought when he was still too little to reach the pedals. Although he has danced with owning other marks, his blood bleeds green and he has been lucky enough to always keep at least one Land Rover in his stable at any one time.

Land Rovers have carried Tim through adventures far and wide, meeting people from all over the world. In life, Tim prefers to base his experience from the driver’s seat including through the thick and thin of adventure. His travels have reviled some pretty wacky things that can go wrong but as a general rule he doesn’t give up, call it quits or get it towed. If there is one thing he has learned it’s that every trick he knows or any abilities he has, it is due to those who have blazed the path ahead of him.  The name Rover Whisperer was a nickname Tim earned without his knowledge and even this URL was bought for him by a friend and customer. Brian Blair, thank you buddy! In that he is most grateful but he also believes that he is not really “The Rover Whisperer.” You are. You are the source of knowledge, of fun, of inspiration. Most of the time, if Tim needs to figure out how to do something new, he’s going to look and see what someone else did. Some other Rover Whisperer like you.

This website is designed to honor those who have figured out how to ‘make it work’ and who have created the adventure and kept if fun. There is an Ancient Native American proverbs that seems to some this up quite nicely:

Thank you so much for honoring me because when you honor me, you honor my teachers, my ancestors and those who blazed the path before me. It is not I who receives your honor but it is them in spirit. 

Rover on my friends!