How a simple box nail can get you home

It was one of those days. I was leaving what was a great overland event in Vermont held by Vermont Overland. I was leaving early because of work. Strike one. I had tried to leave an hour earlier but had a flat tire. Strike two. And now as I was pulling out the driveway, the brake pedal went all sponge like. Strike three. I should have just skipped work and stayed the night.

This time as I turned around I thought, this might actually be a problem. I pulled back into Peter Vollers’ driveway, hit the brakes and sure enough, that was probably the last safe stop I was going to get out of the truck. It had burst a brake line. I didn’t have to climb under the truck to see because it was gushing right our under the rear seat area on the drivers side. It was clear that one of the hard lines had finally rusted through and was gushing all that lovely stop juice all over the ground. Lucky 8 was in attendance and if I had broken a soft brake line or maybe even needed brake pads I would have been all set. But no. This was that boring old brake line that you could get at just about any auto parts store.

Being confronted with this, I had a couple choices. One was to get a ride into town and buy some brake line, come back, install it, bleed the brakes and then